Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer Enjoyment takes New Form in Sweden

Last week I introduced an architect from Hong Kong who managed to evolve a tiny 344 square-foot apartment into a “domestic transformer”; by implementing a clever system of tracks and wheelies. The owner is now able to change the apartment into a distinct 24 architectural designs. You can find more about the house under “Tiny Transformers” and see a video here:

Continuing with the theme of tiny dwellings, I present a cool project from Stockholm-based Sommarnöjen (Summer Enjoyment in English). Sommarnöjen recently released the designs for five tiny, yes 15 square meters is very tiny, summer cottages. The size is exactly what makes them so alluring. They are incredibly versatile and the mini-houses can be treated as stand-alone units as well as additions to larger houses. Their size and customizability allow them to be used as anything from guest houses to saunas. In fact, as The Cool Hunter notes, people with Scandinavian backgrounds will be pleasantly reminded of the cottages so often encountered all across Scandinavia. See more

These tiny abodes can be used in a variety of settings and whatever the use, their owners will enjoy their time in them and their new surroundings.

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