Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Charm Verus Space?
Ah, this is the age old question for apartment searchers! Whether you are buyer or leasing, everyone in Manhattan and the surrounding area for that matter is faced with the question of pre-war versus post-war and more importantly charm versus space. While its true there are exceptions to every rule, typically charm is an expensive feature and always compared to price and space, especially when its in the West Village.
Take this charming 1 bedroom located at 25 Minetta Lane. This is a completely renovated 1 bedroom (s o a little modern mixed in), albeit on the smaller side for 1 bedrooms, but steeped in character. Every pre-war detail imaginable (well almost) is embodied in this spectacular 1 bedroom. How about hardwood inlays, sunken living room, windowed bathroom, high ceilings, terrace with a empire state views (not really pre-war, but sounds romantic), real wood single panel closet doors (3 closets in all), and moldings galore. The building also drips with character with traditional tiled floors, an old-style wood panel elevator, high ceilings, an understated tiled lobby entrance and a gated entrance that leads to a lovely garden area.For $4400 per month in the West Village; it makes a beautiful and charming home for shopper with attention to detail and a distinctive taste for the classics.