Why List with Corcoran?

Jeff Nolan: The Person You Need By Your Side
Buying or selling a home is an emotional and financial obstacle course. Doing it in New York City means every obstacle is higher and wider. In order to come out on the other side happy and confident in the decision you’ve made, you need an expert by your side. Not someone who has a real estate license because of Groupon. Not a part-time actor. Not someone who always lets your calls go to voicemail. You need a dedicated partner who:
  • Can predict every step.
  •  Is sensitive to your needs.
  • Understands what you want.
  • Knows the terrain intimately.
  • Absolutely won’t let you make a mistake.
  • Has a tested network of Real Estate professionals.
Jeff Nolan is that partner. A natural advocate for his clients, he is ranked in the Top 1% of all realtors for the largest Real Estate holding companies in the country – Realogy (RLGY). Since 2011, he has been a Multi-Million Dollar Club Member in the most prestigious agency in New York  City, The Corcoran Group.

An Advocate for Sellers
Jeff has a simple sales philosophy: he gets you the Highest Amount of money in the Shortest Amount of time possible. He believes in doing the research and applying his real estate knowledge to make sure your property is priced correctly. Why waste your time waiting for an unreasonable selling price at some vague future time, when you can get the amount you deserve right now?
As an investor in Real Estate in upstate New York, Jeff knew the longer a property stays on the market, the more money the owner loses. When he began analyzing New York City Real Estate 11 years ago, he was shocked to see so many people losing money by leaving a property on the market too long.  Reasons ranged from overly high asking prices to rundown kitchens, the #1 feature buyers care about.  Jeff quickly realized many real estate agents either didn’t know why the property wasn’t selling, were unfamiliar with its true value, or they were afraid to tell the seller the truth.
Over time, Jeff used these observations, along with over a decade of market analysis and first-hand experience to perfect his system for selling properties: to get you the highest amount of money in the shortest amount of time. The plan hinges on four principles that work in concert:
  • Create a targeted marketing plan to get maximum exposure with the right buyers. 
  • Leverage his knowledge of the market, the brand identity of Corcoran, and the many tools Corcoran provides to create maximum exposure.
  • Create a sense of urgency in the market.
  • Capitalize on all these features with his excellent negotiation skills, first honed in the luxury automotive business.
It is a plan that gets results: Jeff consistently provides his clients with the highest price per square footage ever sold in the building. He sells apartments other agents can’t sell – even at the same price, and he always gets his clients the highest amount of money in the shortest possible time.