Thursday, November 22, 2012

New York Penthouse turns into a Child's Paradise

Manhattan's skyline is well-known for its extremely luxurious residences - one more expensive than the other. Money is no object, what usually counts is: who has the biggest room, the highest ceiling, the best whirlpool. The penthouse we're talking about today is different though. It's not about creating a ultra luxury residence, it's about a child's dream coming true. The owners of the home intended to create something completely new, something exciting and advanced. The New York Architect David Hotson made their dream come true. He created a penthouse that seems to be a three-dimensional puzzle. Being inside the apartment can be very confusing as Dave Dotson combined childlike playfulness with mathematical complexity. Walking around you can sometimes look through to other levels, but you don't understand why and how it's possible. The highlight of the child's paradise penthouse provides the 80-foot slide that wends its way through the 4-story residence.
To get a better impression of how it looks like, watch the video below: