Thursday, July 7, 2011

Transformation of Tiny Spaces

Imagine owning an 8,250 square foot apartment in the heart of any neighborhood you want for less than 1M. While this may seem unrealistic an architect in Hong Kong found a way to make it possible.

Many of us understand what it is like to live in small spaces. Hong Kong is no different. They are very familiar with cramped living – to the extreme! The population there is enormous, and there simply isn’t enough living space to house everyone comfortably. Large apartments are extremely expensive and only available to a small number of people. Thus, entire families are forced to live in tiny apartments.

For one man, however, living in a 344 square foot apartment with his parents and sister was simply not an option. He transformed his apartment into… well… a transformable apartment. Through careful use of wheels and tracks, the entire apartment can be customized into 24 distinct designs. 344 square feet, 24 different designs, 8,250 distinct square feet.

You have to see the video for yourself:

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