Friday, August 19, 2016

It's all in the details...

Size does matter.
Especially when it comes to your 401K, your sock drawer, AND the width of your brownstone.

If the average width of a Manhattan townhouse is say roughly 18 feet (give or take), just imagine how luxurious 25 feet would feel...

You could finally S P R E A D out, invest in the leather corner sofa you've been eyeing for months, and maybe even brag (humbly, of course) to all of your friends about the above average girth of your townhouse.

Why not?  You’d own it.

Joanne Ameen, a client and a longtime resident and townhouse owner in Brooklyn, recently said when deciding to purchase a 25 footer, "You can change just about anything in the house, but you can't make it any wider." So true!

The best part of searching for a new home is that you have the power to pick and choose the details — like the width, for instance — that matter the most to you.

Maybe it's an Italianate archway entry that has stood the test of time…


Maybe you want an elegant arched entryway and high ceilings...


Maybe you want gorgeous crown moldings and an intricate window screen that transcends words...

Maybe you want original woodwork inlaid with contrasting woods, geometric forms, and inlaid borders unlike anything you’ve ever seen...

Maybe you want eight (8) fireplaces some with white marble mantles, because one can never have too many...

Or, maybe — just maybe — you want all of the above, because you've never been known to settle for anything less than the best.
Good news! You can now have ALL of your treasured details and the highly sought-after 25' width, too, on one of the most popular historic streets in Cobble Hill → 136 Amity Street.
This 5-unit brownstone, multi-unit home cannot be captured in words or images on a screen.
You need to see it for yourself. You need to touch the intricate details with your own hands.
Visit this weekend and experience this iconic brownstone before it’s gone.
Contact Jeff  to schedule your appointment:

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