Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Partner with Other Businesses to Generate Referrals

Many thanks to Daniel for the opportunity to speak about BNI. Referral marketing could truly benefit any professional's business and help diversify across industries. Below is an excerpt from our Q&A session and underneath that is the link to the MadPipe podcast. 

"Your marketing is too important to take on alone. One important step is getting a digital strategist like MadPipe. Generating referrals is about collaboration, trust, and commitment to a process. Jeff Nolan, residential real estate agent with Corcoran founded BNI 45 in Manhattan, a referral marketing group made up of other professionals in a diversity of industries. As president of that BNI chapter, “The Breakfast of Champions”, he has a vision for how to grow companies and increase the clientele of individual professionals. Daniel DiGriz, Director Strategy at MadPipe, asks Jeff how effective referral marketing works, what kinds of businesses can benefit, and how to navigate the commitments it requires. If you’re wanting more clientele with better return on your marketing investment and less competition to wrestle with, you owe it to yourself to listen to this podcast." ~Daniel DiGriz

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