Monday, October 5, 2015

The Accidental Skyline Tool

Ever wonder why that skyscraper popped up next to your building and took away your lot line windows? Or why SoHo and the East Village do not have the same building heights as the rest of the city? Well, you're in luck! Above is a great tool to research, visualize and understand how real estate development and FAR works in New York City. Whether you are a beginner to real estate or an expert, this is a very handy tool to bookmark and look into. Click the photo above to check out the interactive map.

Too often, New Yorkers are caught off guard by new development in their neighborhoods. The Accidental Skyline offers tools to help demystify the city planning process and bring the public into the conversation.

The maps above show where new development could occur across New York City – allowing New Yorkers to assess how their neighborhoods could be impacted. These maps add to a body of work available on this site, including The Accidental Skyline, presentations and media coverage. Additional reports will highlight how other cities are responding to these challenges.

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