Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Casa no Geres

I recently stumbled upon a post by
The Cool Hunter detailing the Casa no Geres, a house designed by Corriea/Ragazzi Aquitectos. The pictures of the house took my breath away. Nestled in the middle of the countryside, this home looks as if simply was not human made. A single-story structure, half of it overhangs a ravine, complete with a lake at the bottom. At the overhanging far end house, you are afforded a stunning view of the lake and the mountains surrounding it. The part of the house that rests on land has walls made of sliding glass, offering the inhabitants a gorgeous view. The interior is designed in a way to reflect the simplicity of the house’s surroundings. The furniture is simple and the overall pastel colors give the home an idyllic quality. It is a magnificent house.

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